Lefkon S.N. is a family business founded in Lefko-Etoloakarnania. This is an area at an altitude of 650 m above Lake Trihonida and is surrounded by 100 acres of olive trees. The aim of the company is to ensure premium quality extra virgin olive oil with exceptional beneficial properties for health. The company continues to use the oldest variety of olive from the local area, which is called "mastoelia" known for its resistance to low temperatures and a distinctive aroma and taste. The olives are harvested individually by hand and are processed within 6 hours using the cold pressed method at a certified refinery. In this way, our olive oil boasts a high nutritional value rich in nutrients and vitamins which is recommended for a balanced diet. It is guaranteed to be enjoyed both for its rich flavor and exquisite aroma. The special characteristic of our olive oil is its golden green color, its rich texture and its fruity aroma.